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  • Utahime Beanie
    歌姫 (Utahime) Diva /ˈdēvə/ 1. a famous female singer of popular music 2. a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please (typically used of a woman) 3. Italian for a female deity, or goddess, and closely associated with prima donna It is cold here. You would think someplace where summers can be up … Read more
  • Kyōshū Scrunchie
    郷愁 (Kyōshū) Nostalgia /näˈstaljə/ 1. a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. 2. something done or presented in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia. I love knitting, I love neon, and I love retro inspired clothing–and I have a lot of hair. It … Read more
  • Mizutamari Snood
    水たまり (Mizutamari) Puddle /ˈpədl/ 1 : a small pool of liquid, especially of rainwater on the ground 2 : wet or cover (a surface) with water, especially rainwater A snood is similar to a cowl, but with extra length. In extra cold weather, you can lift it over your head to form a hood. Knitting … Read more
  • Sokudo Headband
    速度 (Sokudo) Velocity /vəˈlɑsət̮i/ 1 : the speed of something in a particular direction 2 : high speed Is it a sign of getting old when the dorky clothes of your childhood come back to haunt you as the “newest” fashion trends? High waisted jeans, baggy sweaters, and oversized hair clips are trickling back in. … Read more
  • Sekiun Baby Blanket
    積雲 (Sekiun) Cumulus /ˈkyo͞omyələs/ 1 : heap, accumulation. 2 : a dense puffy cloud form having a flat base and rounded outlines often piled up like a mountain I’ll admit it—I slept with my baby blanket until I was seven or eight years old. I still have it at my home, packed safely away in … Read more